Martijn Zeedijk's Wide World of Websites

This page contains a categorized list of links to websites I maintain. Most of the page I also host myself on my Debian server.

Linux system and network administrator

I am a senior Linux network and systems administrator with about 10 years of experience in the following areas: Besides this list I am also experienced in setting up lots of difference software packages that are running on these servers: For a complete overview please download the full resume.


All sorts of information I like to remember. From gardening tips to Debian (and even Windows stuff).... you will find them in here.


Mental Captivity
My band's website. You can book us for almost nothing and all our music is downloadable for free through the releases page.
Not that our music is no good..... but we just like to play.
CD collection through Ampache
All my CDs in high quality VBR MP3. Next step is to do it all over again in OGG. I made an audio grab script of which the source code I provided in the Wiki